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Dhiraj General Trading LLC (DGT) has been the premier hotel supplier in the UAE since 1993. As a specialized wholesaler, we’ve become a trusted procurement vendor for numerous business and industries. With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of reliable products. Our extensive export experience and large warehouse facility strengthen our vision to be a one-stop supplier for multiple industries, prioritizing client satisfaction and cost-effective solutions.



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Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

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Premium Quality

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Best Pricing

"Elevate guest experiences with our impeccable supplies, crafting unforgettable stays, one detail at a time."


In the world of hospitality, we're on a mission to transform ordinary stays into unforgettable experiences. Our commitment lies in the meticulous attention to every detail, as we firmly believe that excellence is found in the small things. From the finest linens to thoughtfully designed amenities, we take pride in curating impeccable supplies that elevate guest experiences. Our passion is to craft moments of delight, one detail at a time, ensuring that every guest's stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

Hotel Supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah &  Sharjah 

DGT has been a trustworthy provider of hotel supplies for 3 decades, having won numerous awards throughout that time. DGT has everything you need, either that’s for front-end goods that visitors can use or for keeping a hotel running smoothly.

When it comes to hotels, the standard of the facilities and services offered constitutes one of the many crucial elements influencing client happiness. These things, which range from beautiful bedding and luxuries to necessary bathing goods, are vital for guaranteeing guests an enjoyable visit. Herein lies DGT’s expertise as the top hotel supplies provider throughout the DUBAI, ABU DHABI, RAS AL KHAIMAH &  SHARJAH.

Decades of Service with Hotel Suppliers

Over the past 30 years, DGT has grown to be a reliable supplier to hotels in the United Arab Emirates. We take great pride in our committed staff’s ability to expertly supply hotel supplies that meet the demands of our customers. We provide hotels with the comfort and satisfaction that their patrons deserve. All of the necessities for operating the hotel are available. It’s what makes us different from other vendors in our industry.

  • We supply top-notch goods and first-rate client service to hotels in the United Arab Emirates, whether they are looking for kitchen equipment, batteries, hotel slippers, trash cans, stainless steel pedal bins, cleaning supplies, plastic pallets, chafing fuel, or any other the hospitality industry supplies.
  • We are aware of the particular requirements and needs of the lodging sector. We are therefore a reliable companion for any hospitality business as a result.
  • Thus, hotels can rely on DGT to supply the best materials to fulfil their visitors’ expectations and guarantee a pleasant stay. Put your faith in our expertise and select DGT for all of your DUBAI, ABU DHABI, RAS AL KHAIMAH &  SHARJAH hotel supplier requirements.
  • Thirty years of professional knowledge is more than a figure. It stands for the commitment, knowledge, and skill we put into every product we provide.
  • Our dedication rests in offering pristine and sanitary materials. Hotels may relax knowing that their visitors will be satisfied.
  • Thus, DGT provides everything an accommodation needs to function properly and satisfy its customers, including cleaning supplies, barbecue charcoal, laundry hangers, and electrical items.

Our mission

Our goal is to turn routine hotel stays into amazing memories in the hotel and tourism sector. Throughout all these competitive years we have consistently made our clients satisfied by keeping our services top-notch. When providing hospital supplies to hotels in the United Arab Emirates, we remain true to our commitment to providing personalised service and attending to everything from the minute details to the biggest. We delight in carefully selecting fine linens and accessories to enhance visitors’ stays. Everything from the most robust laundry and baggage trolleys to masterfully assembled plastic pallets and cambro boxes.

DTG is dedicated to creating enjoyable experiences. Our staff comprises committed individuals who are adept at recognising each tiny aspect one by one. Therefore, we guarantee that your guests have an incredible stay.

What makes DGT hotel supplies essential?

The foundation of a hotel’s daily functioning is its purchasing of hotel supplies, which facilitates a smooth transition from back-of-house administration to front-of-house customer relations. The strategic benefit it provides is what makes it significant: hotels can more effectively manage their funds, estimate expenditures, and bargain for advantageous conditions with vendors when they purchase goods in large quantities. This degree of efficient operations helps the hotel remain relevant and enables it to quickly adjust to changing customer demands and market dynamics.

Why choose us?

DGT is your transparent associate in providing a remarkable customer experience. DGT can help you maximise the hotel’s operational effectiveness and reach your hospitality goals

  • Excellent product quality

Excellence is the cornerstone of your visitors’ convenience and happiness, therefore never neglect it. DGT provides goods that are long-lasting, attractive, and practical while also adhering to industry requirements. Our high-quality supplies improve your customer service.

  • Range of choices

In the hotel sector, an all-encompassing approach is rarely effective. From cleaning supplies to barbeque charcoal and other commodities, DGT offers a wide variety of supplies. We let you customise the inventory to fit each of your visitors’ specific requirements and preferences, giving them a genuinely customised experience.

  • Personalisation

Commercially available products don’t always work well. The option to personalise things can help your hotel stand out from competitors, whether it’s amenities with a unique brand or carefully made furnishings. DGT’s customised services show their dedication to assisting you in realising your objective in addition to their adaptability.

  • Excellent delivery service

Timing is critical in the hectic business of hotels. Our wait times and shipment timelines are coordinated to satisfy the demands of your operations. In the United Arab Emirates (DUBAI, ABU DHABI, RAS AL KHAIMAH &  SHARJAH), DGT remains a reputable supplier to hotels. We guarantee that you won’t be taken off guard by having backup plans for handling urgent requests.

Connect with the DGT hotel suppliers team to partner with trusted and reliable hotel suppliers in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah &  Sharjah. Call today and get the supplies at an affordable price!!